• Nova banka becomes the majority owner of Sberbank a.d. Banja Luka

      • 04. March 2022.
    • Nova banka becomes the majority owner of Sberbank a.d. Banja Luka, which, with this change, ceases to be part of the banking group headed by Sberbank Europe AG Vienna and becomes part of the domestic banking group, without ties to previous shareholders, thus preventing the impact of geopolitical developments on Sberbank's business operations.

      Nova banka, as a responsible financial institution, has decisively responded to the sudden challenge of financial stability of the banking sector and is entering the ownership structure of Sberbank a.d. Banja Luka, which allows clients unhindered access to funds in accounts and the provision of daily banking services. This decision was made with the aim of protecting clients, employees and the banking market in BiH in general.

      Sberbank continued its regular business operations without hindrance. All services and applications continue to function as before, clients continue to use their payment and credit cards as before. Client's money is safe, and business conditions are unchanged. Sberbank users have no reason to worry and there is no reason to open their accounts in Nova banka.

      The President of the Management Board of Nova banka, Siniša Adžić, expressed his satisfaction with the fact that Sberbank will become part of Nova banka. This confirms our determination and commitment to further growth, strengthening stability and responsible business operations, and our clients and business partners will have additional benefits. By exchanging knowledge and experience with Sberbank employees, we will further improve our business. The principles of Nova banka are based on the fact that money is not the most important asset, but the employees who work in it. The values ​​we have changed in Nova banka, which we plan to emphasize within Sberbank, are teamwork based on respect and trust. Therefore, the employees of Sberbank can continue to do their work in the way they have done so far, Adžić pointed out.

      Nova banka is a financially stable institution, which has all the necessary preconditions to cope with the liquidity of Sberbank, because it is the only one that has a significant amount of funds above the required reserves. It is the only bank to which profit is not in the foreground, but the stability of business operations. This is proven by the fact that Nova banka does not pay the profit, but leaves it in its capital and as such is the best choice to appear as a buyer in a new situation and for which the risk in which we find ourselves is acceptable, concluded Siniša Adžić, President of the Management Board of Nova banka.

      By taking over Sberbank, Nova banka will strengthen its future position on the BiH market. Nova banka is the leading bank in the Republic of Srpska and one of the leading banks in BiH, and in 2021 it achieved the best result in its business operations since the Bank's existence and a record profit of 23.3 million BAM. It is one of the most accessible banks in BiH, operates within 64 organizational units, with a network of over 110 ATMs and proudly serves more than 200,000 clients.

      For Nova banka, this is a great challenge that we will work on with a lot of enthusiasm, and we want to welcome all users of products and services, Nova banka reports.