• Broker Nova

    • Broker Nova, together with Nova banka a.d. is actively involved in the development of the capital market in Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the goals is to help companies find new funding opportunities. The need for long-term financing of local companies through the financing of development projects has so far been possible only through loans, which as a financial instrument, in many cases do not meet the needs of companies, and on the other hand they represent a certain risk. The possibilities of funding provided by capital market instruments (shares and bonds) are significantly wider primarily due to the portability of these instruments which actually reduces the risk of lending through finding optimal solutions, both for providers and users of funds. Broker Nova is the founder and member of the Banja Luka Stock Exchange of securities from its foundation, as well as the member and co-owner of the Central Registry of Securities of the Republic of Srpska. Broker Nova is one of the leading brokerage companies from the foundation of the Banja Luka Stock Exchange.

      Operations with securities for the majority of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina represent a new area that they have not previously encountered with. Broker Nova provides answers for some of the most frequently asked questions:

      What are securities?

      These are documents i.e. confirmations in the form of electronic records that are kept in the Central Registry of Securities of the Republic of Srpska, and contain a certain right for their owners.

      What types of securities there are?

      The most common division of securities is on ownership securities (shares) and debt securities (bonds).

      What is a share?

      Based on the investment of vouchers in the particular company or privatization investment fund, the Privatization Directorate of the Republic of Srpska calculated shares that any person who invested the vouchers received at its proprietary account kept by the Central Registry of Securities. Shares that you have received in the process of privatization are registered by your ID numbers. On the basis of ownership of shares you have the right to dispose (or sell), to participate in the work of the Shareholders Assembly of the company or fund where you are a shareholder and you are entitled to the dividend (if the company is doing well) or to the part of the liquidation estate of the company in proportion to the number of shares (if the company went into liquidation).

      What is the Central Registry of Securities?

      It is an institution that takes care of the registration of issuers of securities, records of ownership of securities of each individual shareholder of the company, then the change of the ownership on the basis of trade on the stock exchange, registry of the ownership of shares on the basis of gifts, inheritance and other legal proceedings, the registration of new issues of securities, e.g. on the basis of earned dividend. The Central Registry of Securities issues a certificate of share ownership upon the request of the owner.

      What is the stock market?

      The stock market is a place for organized trade in securities on the basis of clear rules. The trade in securities that are registered at the Central Registry of Securities of the Republic of Srpska is conducted at the Banja Luka Stock Exchange. The stock market consists of stock exchange listing (elite companies that have met the specific requirements), and of quotations of closed investment funds and free stock exchange market.

      What is a brokerage company?

      It is an authorized intermediary through which you can buy or sell your securities. Brokerage companies must be members of Banja Luka Stock Exchange of securities and must get a special permit from the Republic of Srpska Securities Commission for carrying out these activities.

      How much are my securities worth (shares/bonds)?

      The price of shares/bonds on the stock market varies depending on supply and demand for particular securities. Authorized persons from Broker Nova can give you the latest information about price movements. Based on this information, you can determine the price at which you would like to buy or sell your securities.

      How can I buy or sell shares/bonds?

      It is necessary for you to personally go to one of the branch offices of Nova banka a.d. Banja Luka, which receives the order for the purchase and sale of shares or to the head office of Broker Nova in Banja Luka, conclude an Agreement on the brokerage mediation, and issue an order to buy or sell securities.